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Sunday May 21st Podcast details!  

This week I bring you a new episode of Get Served Radio. The tracks from this weeks set come from some of the most talented artists from around the world. Click the podcast tab at the top of the page to listen to each episode.

This week ANTENNAE is taking over the guest mix bringing you the best of tech house and house from around the world. Coming from San Diego but relocated to Shanghai, he has added some tracks that come from both sides of the globe. 

Get Served Radio is ever growing and always looking for new guest DJ's. If you want to be a guest DJ on the show please send your guest mixes to getservedradio@gmail.com. If you are a producer looking to get some international radio support you can also submit songs for promo to the same email. Subscribe to Get Served Radio on iTunes today. 

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Lane 8 - Little Voices (Original Mix) 
Trilucid - Shelter (Original Mix) 
Oliver Schmitz & Micah Sherman Feat. Deniz Reno - Fool for You (Roberto Masi Remix) 
Armitage - This Goes Out To Ron Hardy (Original Mix) 
CID - Secrets (Kaskade Remix) 
Marc Vedo - Arabian Empire (Original Mix) 
Paul Jockey Feat. R. De Carolis - Walking (Original Mix) 
Gary Caos - Fresh (Original Mix) 
Polar Shock - Alpaca (Original Mix) 
Pobsky - Jenova (Original Mix) 
Hakan Ozurun - Four Winds (Blufelds's Aeolous Remix) 
Woti Trela pres States Trigger - The Gleam (Willy Commy Remix) 
Hector Toledo - We Are (Original Mix) 

ANTENNAE Guest Mix Track List: 
Ciszak - I'm Down (Original Mix) 
Kyle Watson - Road Trips (Original Mix) 
Harry Judda - District (Original Mix) 
Spuri - Last Way (Original Mix) 
Phlegmatic Dogs - Keepmastic (Original Mix) 
loge21 - Flip The Funk (Original Mix) 
Paper Planes - Wavey (Original Mix) 
Will Clarke - Lil' Mami (Original Mix) 
Shiba San - Drop It (Original Mix) 
Will Clarke - Techno (not techno) 
Dillon Nathaniel - Flex the Frequency 
Redlight - New Flows 
Volac - Open Your Mind 
Tchami - Adieu (Original Mix)


April 2017 updates! 

     It has been one busy year! I have to apologize for dropping the ball with blog updates. So instead of boring you with details all from the last year just let me sum up my year since the start of 2017. This has been a hugely productive few months. I have had my first debut release with "Addictive Sounds". If you are not sure who this label is, they are a rapidly growing progressive trance label out to satisfy the moodiest and most emotional needs of listeners. They have gained support from artists like Shane 54, Myon, Markus Schultz, M.I.K.E. Push, Ahnken and many more big names in the trance scene. The heads of the label are talented producers themselves with a desire to make people move and feel something emotionally. 
    Get Served Radio has grown significantly as well. We have gotten all the way to episode 26! Just last year we had begun the podcast with just a few listeners and now we have listeners from all over the world. I'm so happy to see that the "Get Served Radio" family of DJ's has grown as well. Each we look to get a new guest DJ. If you would like to be a guest DJ on the show please reach out to us at getservedradio@gmail.com. We are waiting for your talents to share with our global audience. 
    I am going to make a point so make weekly blog updates about new tracks that I find and fun interesting facts about whats going on in my life. I can't wait to share the next few months and even years with you all. Your support has been the rock that has kept my musical journey going. I promise that with the love and support you give I will reciprocate the love by giving you great new music each week on "Get Served Radio" and also with new productions as the come! I love you all! You are the reason I am where I am today.

Check the link below to listen to my debut release with "Addictive Sounds"



April Updates 

Hello everyone! 

This has been a very busy and fruitful year so far as we are tapping into the 4th month. I have had a lot of new productions that I have finished. Just last week I went on a cruise that was hosted by Zouk (Singapore). It was basically the "Groove Cruse" of Asia. For my friends and fans back home who are curious about the scene here in S.E. Asia I will enlighten you. As compared to the EDM saturation of America, Asia has somewhat resented the commercialization of dance music. The real scene that consists of dance music is filled with true purists. This weeks podcast of "Get Served Radio" is a showcase of the musical experiences that i have collected. Most of my friends and networks here are true Detroit techno fans. It's been a very interested process to witness as the scene in the west is so different. It has shown me a more true understanding of global dance culture. 

I hope that you can enjoy the podcast this week. If you have any requests or comments, please share how you feel. Thanks for listening and following my road to success. 

Have a great month and stay tuned for new podcasts. 

-Table 18 

Back at the grind with apologies of absence 

As you all may know I call home base China for the time being. With that being the case I have has some serious connection issues both on the internet as well as all social media outlets. I want to say that I appreciate everyone who hasn't forgotten about the greatness that comes from the page here, as well as the Podcast "Get Served Radio." I have a new podcast that should be available in a few hours from this post. I want to say thanks for everyones endless support. I know that I will make it big, but with that confidence comes my confidence in each and everyone who follows my pages and music. I won't be able to make it without you. Thanks so much! 

Headed to Vietnam  

I have a news announcement to make. I will be taking this week and next week off for Get Served Radio, as i will be in Vietnam. Hopefully I will be able to record one of my sets in Ho Chi Minh, or Hanoi and then post a live show as a podcast. I hope you all are doing very well otherwise.

Hey Guys! How to Make Commercial EDM Tuturial 

Here is a video for my friends and fans. I am Showing you the project file for my Melbourne Banger "Play'n With My Mind". You can have this track as a free download. Please check out the video and subscribe for future videos and see my tips and tricks to production. Be sure to comment and provide feedback so that I can improve on the videos in the future! Mad love everyone! Thanks for the support! ^^^^^Watch The Video Above^^^^^^^^


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